Aloette Lumitone - Ingredients in the HP Pro Complex Product Work to Reverse Skin Damage.

Let your natural beauty shine with Aloette® Lumitone HP Pro recovery system. This all-natural, non-invasive brightening serum harnesses an extract from the white daisy flower to eliminate age spots, unsightly freckling, sun damage, blotchy and discolored skin and other unflattering skin blemishes. Catch the eye of someone special and clear up skin damage without makeup or invasive procedures - simply apply Aloette Lumitone's patented enzyme peel twice a day. The Aloette Lumitone HP (High Potency) Pro complex uses all-natural ingredients to bring out the beauty in your skin. As seen on TV with creator Cristine Coen, the reviews have it: Aloette Lumitone isn't simply a cosmetic product - it's a complete skin damage recovery system. Simply work it into your skin two times a day and in less than 14 days you'll see dramatic results - even if you're over 40! You will get two full-sized bottles of Aloette Lumitone HP Pro as well as a bottle of the exclusive Pure Potent, a complex that works together with Aloette Lumitone HP Pro to boost your Vitamin C level and energize your skin cells while protecting against sun damage. Pair the two products for an all-in-one solution that will keep your complexion vibrant and healthy for years to come. Use the links below to find the best deal on Aloette® Lumitone.
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