Six Pack Abs - Get a Ripped 6-Pack with John Basedow Videos

Let fitness celebrity John Basedow show you how to trim your waistline and get that sculpted muscular mid-section youíve always wanted. In the Six Pack Abs videos John Basedow leads you through a series of moves that work out the abdominals, obliques, and lats. This is a course designed to build up all the ab muscle groups. Watching these DVD/VHS videos is like having a personal fitness trainer coaching you to have better looking abs. But of course these videos cost much less than the price of a trainer or gym membership. Get Six Pack Abs from the Fitness Made Simple series and get on the road to a ripped physique. But John Basedow also knows that it doesnít matter if you have perfect ab muscles—if they are covered up by flab! Thatís why John Basedow offers his personal diet and nutrition tips for fighting fat around the gut so that you can show the world your sexy abs. (Note: Contrary to rumors, John Basedow is not dead! The report that he died in the tsunami was false. He is still very much alive.)
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