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Join the revolution one-million strong and finally get the body you've always wanted with Bowflex®. The extreme model is the latest version of the world's ultimate at-home workout machine; and burns fat, builds muscle, tightens abs and gives you a powerful, sexy look in just 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Bowflex is perfect for everyone from sport enthusiasts to stay-at-home moms, no matter what fitness level you're currently at. The Bowflex pro extreme's real results come from its high-tech power rods, which keep resistance on your muscles every second of every rep - bulking your muscles and trimming your fat in half the time. Get lean legs, a washboard stomach, powerful chest and a refined, mouthwatering look with over 65 exercises from just one machine. Forget about wasting time on a boring treadclimber, a tedious treadmill, or exhaustive dumbbells. As seen on, Bowflex replaces all of these and includes a built-in lat tower, squat attachment and even a heavy-duty leg extension to work all of your major and minor muscles in one quick workout - just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Order today and you'll get the Bowflex extreme along with a complete manual, exercise wall chart, workout tape and the powerful Bowflex Nutrition Program to maximize your fat-burning and bodybuilding. You'll also get the best-selling book, 'Bowflex Body Plan' absolutely free! That's a $29 value. Even better, if you order right now you'll also get the exclusive i-Trainer personal training software. Track your workouts and benefit from your personal motivator. Bowflex has everything you need to get in shape, and stay in shape. Get leaner, get healthier. Try Any Bowflex® Product from for Risk-Free for 6 Weeks and Get a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Low Monthly Payment Options.
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Try Any Bowflex® Product for 6 Weeks Risk-Free with a 100% Guarantee and Choose a Low Monthly Payment Option
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