Blo and Go - Hands-Free Blow Dryer Attachment from Laurie Coleman Makes Getting the Hair Style You Want Easy

It's every woman's dilemma - no matter how hard you try, you just can't get that salon-perfect hairstyle at home because it's impossible to hold your hairdryer and style at the same time. Problem solved! Blo & Go™ is the revolutionary new hands-free way to blow dry your hair so you can create lavishly decadent hairstyles using both hands at once. Created by famous runway model and busy mother Laurie Coleman, Blo and Go device will hold almost any blow dryer and attaches to nearly any flat surface with a special pressure lock system. Simply attach, place your blow dryer in the harness and adjust the flexible Blo and Go rod to any position so you can blow dry the front, top, sides, bangs and even the back of your hair - hands free. Blow and Go is like having an extra hand so you can show off your salon style every day of the week, and it works with any type of hair - long, short, straight and curly. Having your hair styled like the celebrities would cost you hundreds - but Blo N Go does the hard work for you so you can do it yourself at home. "I have done hair and makeup in Hollywood for over 24 years, and if there's one thing I hear over and over again from my customers it's that there's now way they can recreate the look I do professionally every single day," says celebrity professional hairstylist Dimitri James. "Blo and Go actually allows customers to recreate full crows and fabulous layers that I do myself in my salon and they can do it themselves easily every single day. I think that the Blow and Go is the most revolutionary styling tool since the blow dryer." Dimitri James and Laurie Coleman aren't the only ones who love the Blo and Go attachment. Just take a look at these customer product reviews: "The Blo and Go helps me create a really great hair style that I like because I have two hands to work with. It's super fast and it's easy," says professional organizer Denise from Englewood, Colorado. Save time, save your aching arms, and - most importantly - save your hair from last-minute, frumpy styling techniques. Go hands-free with the Blo and Go device and give yourself the gift of perfect, sexy hair each and every day. Use the links below to find the best offer on Blo & Go™
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