DreamSkin Pillowcase - Enhances Beauty with its Amazing Fabric JuvaTex that Moisturizes and Helps the Skin Build Collagen Naturally as You Dream

With a DreamSkin Pillowcase™ you can wake up in the morning looking younger and more beautiful than the night before. All you have to do is to go to sleep. DreamSkin Pillowcase is made with JuveTex fabric, the first and only authentic anti aging fabric in the world. Designed by Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, internationally recognized skin physiologist, the DreamS kin Pillowcase acts as a cosmetic moisturizer. The secret, they say, lies in the thread count. Other pillowcases have 500 threads, but DreamSkin Pillowcase has over 22,000 threads per pillowcase. The end result is beauty that is enhanced every time you go to sleep. So easy, itís almost hard to believe. With the DreamSkin Pillowcase fine lines and wrinkles are diminished by 50%. When you are comfortable your skin naturally hydrates and looks younger. With Dream Skin Pillowcase, you have a product that is designed to eliminate sleep lines and rebuild collagen. The fabric JuvaTex moisturizes your skin naturally without chemicals. JuveTex rejuvenating textile was designed with the intention to provide ultimate softness, extraordinary comfort, and moisture technology. Don't be fooled by the beauty and softness of cotton, silk, charmeuse, and satin. They draw moisture from your face and leave your skin dry. And note too that skin physiologists say more water is lost at night than during the day. This is the rationale behind DreamSkin Pillowcase made with JuvaTex fabric. Use the links below to find the best offer on DreamSkin Pillowcase™
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