GoSMILE - Advanced Formula Go SMILE Ampoules Work for Effective Tooth Whitening

Want celebrity-sexy teeth? Now you can have the same confident, magnetic smile the Hollywood stars have with GoSMILE®, the convenient on-the-go teeth whitening system created by New York's hottest celebrity dentist. Let's face it: At-home tooth whitening methods are messy and sometimes just don't work. In fact, 82% of the millions of Americans who try to whiten their teeth at home complain of problems like sensitive teeth, gum irritation and annoying residue. Not with Go SMILE! Using an advanced formula crafted by New York celebrity dentist Dr. Jonathan Levine, GoSMILE is safe and easy to use anywhere. The secret is in GoSMILE's unique ampoule system. In three easy steps you can apply the GoSMILE tooth formula and toss the disposable ampoule at home, after dinner or at work - any time, anywhere. Simply flip the Go SMILE ampoule over, pop and squeeze it to load the brush tip with Levine's advanced formula and apply. Application takes just two to three minutes and whitens teeth as much six shades. Forget about ineffective and irritating toothpaste, strips, pads and all the other useless at-home tooth whiteners. GoSMILE is safe, effective and easy as 1-2-3. Radiate like a celebrity with GoSMILE. Use the links below to find the best deal on GoSMILE®.
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