Hoveround - A Wheelchair Scooter with an Electric Motor and Ergonomic Power Chair Comfort Design to Enhance Mobility

Getting around when you are disabled is now easier and more comfortable with Hoveround®, a motorized wheelchair that can get you faster and more easily to where you want to go than you would with a manual wheelchair. Hoveround is a power chair that has an electric powered motor. It has the comfort of your normal easy chair, but is ergonomically designed to support muscles, joints and bones. Itís like having a scooter, an orthopedic chair and a whole lot more mobility all in one. Parts and features include a rounded front to enhance maneuverability, and more than normal support incorporated to the design to ensure comfort all day long. Definitely, Hoveround has a power chair advantage. You may therefore presume that it is too expensive for you. Wrong. The truth is, nine out of 10 owners of the Hoveround scooter got their power chair at minimal to no cost at all. Medicare paid most of the wheelchair expense for them. Even better, getting your Hoveround chair can be done at minimal to no trouble for you. This is because they work with your doctor to help you fill out all Medicare and insurance paperwork. Hoveround also submits the forms for you and conducts all follow-ups as needed. There are no up front payments, provided you have the right insurance. Learn More About the Official Hoveround® Power Chair with a FREE DVD!
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Learn More About the Official Hoveround® Power Chair with a FREE DVD!
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