Iceland Shield Formula - The Advanced Omega 3 Dietary Supplement Provides Your Healthy Fatty Acids in a Single Softget.

Island Shield Formula™ has the advanced formula omega 3 which has a high content of concentrated and natural fatty acids called Eicosapenaenoic Acid ( EPA ) and Docosahexaeinoic Acid ( DHA ). EPA and DHA are essential fatty acids needed to keep your body healthy. This is the only dietary supplement that has more content of concentrated healthy fatty acids in just a single softgel. The fish oil used in the Iceland Shield formula is so clean and pure because it comes from marine oil. This type of oil is taken from untamed, deep ocean fish and not just from any type of fish that have been cultured and raised in fish farms. The single softgel is perfect. By taking a singular dose of this supplement, you will have the recommended dosage for the day of EPA and DHA fatty acids that your body needs. Other name brands will require you to take two or three softgels. In a way, Island Shield Omega 3 formula is cost effective. With the specialized enteric coated coating the contents in the softgel will not be released until it goes farther through into your digestive system. You won't experience displeasing taste and burps that are quite common when you take in other products that also use omega 3. Use the links below to find the best offer of Island Shield Formula™.
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