Juven - Build Healthy Muscle with this Therapeutic Nutrition Drink Supplement

When you're sick, have sustained a wound or even if you're battling cancer, you need lean muscle mass to keep your body strong and to promote whole health healing. If you're facing any of these serious issues, you need Juven®, the therapeutic nutrition drink that has been clinically proven to help build and maintain lean muscle mass safely and effectively. Juven implements a patented blend of nutritional ingredients including a healthy supplement offering that promotes lean muscle mass without medication or side effects: Arginine, Glutamine and HMB. As seen on www.myjuven.com, Juven is produced by Abbott Nutrition, a division of Abbott Laboratories, that produces the Ensure and Similac beverages. The facts are indisputable: Arginine and glutamine help your body build and maintain body protein to boost your immune system and promote healthy healing and a healthy digestive tract; while HMB helps prevent the breakdown of lean body mass to give you the strength to heal, the strength to fight. In fact, cancer patients who took Juven were found to gain 2.5 pounds of lean muscle mass in a four week period - those given placebos actually lost 2.9 pounds in the same time frame. That's a difference of 5.4 pounds, which could be nearly 4% of your body weight. People recovering from surgery often face slow recoveries, but Juven has been shown to enhance the healing power of collagen formation in as few as 2 weeks - and in a controlled test environment, surgical patients who had take Juven had 67% more of the key building block hydroxyproline than the control group, which took none of Juven's ingredients on their slow road to recovery. Whether you need to add another weapon to your arsenal in the battle against cancer, or want to heal faster after an injury, wound or surgery, Juven is the therapeutic nutrition drink proven to help you gain life-giving lean muscle mass and promote the formation of healing tissue. Use the links below to find the best deal on Juven®
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