Lipstix Remix - Save Money When You Mold Back Your Left Over and Discontinued Lipsticks!

By Using Lipstix Remix® Kit you won't be wasting lipsticks that you have previously bought. It is so innovative because it will let you develop new colors and stylish appearances using your old lipsticks. It will be surely fun, easy and will not cost you much to mold back into shape the lipsticks you have discontinued to use. This can be done incredibly in just minutes. Lipstix Remix has a magic molder that lets you create professionally well molded lipsticks all the way to the bended tip design. You can save by using this product because with the Lipstick Remix you will have an all new magnificent looking product. This is done by just following these three steps: Put your leftover lipstick into a mixing cup; Place it into your microwave and set the timer to forty five seconds in order to dissolve it; Pour it into your Magic molder and then place it into your freezer and leave it there for just ten minutes. Afterward, slip it onto your well designed tube. Now you have a totally new lipstick that you can use. Use the links below to find the best offer of Lipstix Remix®.

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