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Look beautiful, not bushy, with a perfect tweeze every time. Luma Tweeze™ is the only tweezer that comes with built-in micro-bright light and magnification so you can tweeze your eyebrows for a sleek, sexy look everyone will notice. LumaTweeze is non-slip so you can grasp and pull each individual hair just as you'd like for total tweezer control. Just listen to this review from Luma Tweeze lover Tracy C.: "I just think it's so important to have beautifully-shaped eyebrows. When I take my glasses off I can't see a thing so the Luma Tweeze is great. And with its lighted magnification I can get all the tiny hairs for a perfect tweeze!" Luma Tweeze is also great for finding and removing ingrown hairs and stubble on site. Its light and magnification also makes LumaTweeze great for splinter removal and even small crafts! Compare to tweezers from Emjoi, Braun, and Epliator. Try LumaTweeze and you can get a special 5X magnification lighten mirror. Don't hide your face in a crowd - stand out confidently and sexy. Use the links below to find the best offer on Luma Tweeze™
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