Pedi Pistol - Easy to Use, Long-Armed PediPistol Gives You Salon Quality Pedicures At Home and Keep Your Feet and Nails Beautiful

For beautiful pedicures you can give yourself without going to a salon, try the Pedi Pistol™. If you have trouble bending over due to back pain or other reasons, this is a great product. Now you can give yourself fantastic home pedicures with the Pedi Pistol. With its extra long arm, you no longer have to stoop forward to reach your toenails. The Pedi Pistol features five precision crafted sculpting heads. First, the diamond cone files and shapes thick toenails. Second, the PediPistol shaping cone smooths uneven surfaces and relieves shoe pressure. Third, the emory head easily removes tough calluses and rough skin anywhere on your feet. Fourth, the soft felt cone removes the need for polish by buffing your nails until they have a beautiful, natural shine. Last but not least, the satin bristle brush provides a wonderful finishing touch. PeidPistol removes nail dust and can be used with oils, cuticle creams, and moisturizers. The Pedi Pistol has received glowing reviews, including one from a pregnant woman who saved a lot of money on salon bills. Another review was from a woman with a bad back who was unable to reach her feet; but with the Pedi Pistol, she can now give herself salon quality pedicures at home. Use the links below to find the best deal on Pedi Pistol™.
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