Rice N Shine - Review this Whole Health Food to Make You Age Slower and Live Longer. From Patty McPeak and Nutracea. As Seen on ITV with Donald Barrett

Ever wish there was a miracle food that could make you feel better, live longer, and age slower? There is now - with Rice 'N Shine®, the super whole health food discovered and developed by Patty McPeak from the nutrient-rich brown rice kernel "I was going to find a way to end world hunger, and in the process I discovered a food so powerful it's literally reversing degenerating disease states," says Patty McPeak, a former member of the USDA who went on to found Rice 'N Shine manufacturer Nutracea after she made her amazing health food discovery. Once considered useless by the food and health store industry, the brown part of the brown rice kernel actually contains robust vitamins and over 120 naturally-occurring and age-defying antioxidants for a powerful blast that nourishes your system for better performance - and slower degeneration so you stay younger, longer. The secret to the age-defying RiceNShine formula is in the manufacturing process - most companies strip the brown part of the brown rice kernel before processing the food because it contains an enzyme that can spoil the rice. But thanks to Patty McPeak, that enzyme is neutralized in Nutracea's Rice 'N Shine manufacturing process so we can all reap the benefits. Start feeling better, living longer, and looking great with Rice 'N Shine today. You've seen RiceNShine on the ITV commercial/infomercial with Donald Barrett. So does Rice N Shine really work? Find out for yourself. Use the links below to find the best deal on Rice N Shine®.
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