Serious Skincare the Egg - The Perfect Micro-Current Device That You Can use For Facial Toning Treatment Therapy

Serious Skincare The Egg is the ideal facial treatment and therapy that you will need for that natural facelift look without surgery. With this outstanding facial toning machine, you will receive a reverse facelift that helps rediscover the real wonderful form of your face. This device can be used on all kinds of skin. The facial toning facelift therapy that uses micro-currents temporarily tones and makes the muscles in the face firmer. The facial toning device works wonderfully with the conducive gel and is applied on your skin. You can apply a bit of this gel on both toning units. It does facial toning by contracting and relaxing the muscles to help build them up. Serious Skincare The Egg is a twin hand held device that allows at the simultaneous cosmetic treatment on both sides of your face and it happens at the same time. Doing this will cut your regimen into half. Three programs are being used for three problem areas: Toning Surface Skin; Deep Skin Toning; Enhancing Skin Routine. Included is a DVD. It will tell you the program and device used and it is packaged in a white cosmetic case. The reviews say it works perfectly fine. Use the links below to find the best deal on Serious Skincare The Egg.
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