Solerra Instant Tanning Mitt - A Self Tan That Gives A Great Fake Tan In An Instant

The question often raised about Solerra® Instant Tanning Mitt™ is, why is there so much buzz being made about it? The reasons are many. Everyone knows that the best tan is a fake tan, definitely where health and safety is concerned. The problem is, which self tan gives the best fake tan. Spray tans may seem to be fine, but they can be multidirectional, and are oftentimes uneven. They also dry slowly. But Solerra is a favorite with celebrities like Lacey, Lance and Karina of Dancing With The Stars. They like the instant tan they get with their mitts. Solerra also spares one the imperfections that towel applicators tend to have around the palms, cuticles and nails. This is because the mitt applies the tan where one wants it and the hands are kept dry. The Invisicare formula on a single mitt can cover the entire body. The Instant Bronzing Mitt of Solerra also tells one when one has coverage immediately. And the tan can be instantly repaired with the Tanee Line Eraser, which works like a concealer. The Invisicare formula of Solerra also releases an appealing fragrance to offset the after odor that comes with many self tan products. And the polymer ingredients in Solerra give a golden brown tan with its fresh ingredients. The result is a natural looking tan from veterans in the self tanning business. Use the links below to find the best offer on Solerra® Instant Tanning Mitt™.
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