SpineDok - Treatment For Upper Back, Lower Back, Neck And Shoulder Pains

With SpineDok™ you can address chronic aches and pain on your neck, shoulders, upper back, and lower back with just five minutes of use a day. This can make a great difference even with the normal daily stress at work from sitting all day in front of the computer or dealing with stressful incidents at the office or even at home after working in your garden or taking care of the kids. SpineDok can improve the quality of your daily life by providing regular pain relief treatment. This patented equipment uses the natural force of gravity to your spine to produce a full, gentle, supportive stretch with mobile traction applied. For shoulder and neck pain the SpineDok can be placed between the shoulder blades so that chest, shoulder and neck muscles can be opened within weeks. There are also snap-on extenders for a longer stretch or for the convenience of taller people. They fit comfortably on either end of your spine for an extra stretch and improve posture, too. Plus, there is a gel filled portable pad that can easily be folded so that it can be placed in the microwave and heated for a warm muscle treatment, or cooled inside the refrigerator to produce cool muscle relief to the entire back. So when you ache but don't have an appointment yet to see your doctor, use the SpineDok to stretch and ease the pain away. Use the links below to find the best offer on SpineDok™
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