Super Springz - Powerful Insoles That Provide Shock Absorption And Arch Support For The Feet All Day

With Super Springz™ active people will no longer have to worry about the bunions and foot pains that go with constantly being on one’s feet. Super Springz are insoles that fit into any pair of shoes, and provide protection and gentle arch support to last you throughout every busy day. This orthotic is made with high quality steel springs that are distributed on the heel and the ball of the foot. That is the secret behind the foot protection that Super Springz provides, as well as protection to your ankles and knees. There are 12 steel springs in all, seven of them under the ball of the foot to gently cradle your feet, and five springs under the heel to absorb impact. Finally there is Super Springz arch support to assist in sustaining your knees, back and hips. Another plus is its durability. The Super Springz steel springs will never wear down or lose their ability to absorb shocks. Also, they fit into any shoe including athletic shoes, dress shoes, and work boots. The specially designed honeycomb padding ensures constant air circulation. Super Springz are antifungal and antibacterial. Whether you are running for fun in your running shoes, or running to work on heels, the act of running will always go better with the foot protection you get from Super Springz. Use the links below to find the best offer on Super Springz™.
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