Sure Clip - Stay on Track With the Rubberized Grip for Secure and Easy Nail Clipping

You can now trim your nails with the Sure Clip™ nail clipper, and you will not believe how easy it is! There is no need to cut your hand or tear your toe nails, when you use the Sure Clip to trim your nails. With the Sure Clip, you can clearly see the nails that you are cutting, and you never have to clean up your nail clippings. The Sure Clip is loaded with great features, and one that you will love is the rubberized, non-slip grip for secure control. You are insured of a clean and exact cut each time you use your Sure Clip nail clipper, as they are equipped with professional quality stainless steel blades. Research conducted to test the strength of these nail clippers proved that the Sure Clip can actually cut through five layers of nail clippings at once. Nail trimming is made simpler with the extra wide opening. Sure Clip's addition of a magnifying glass means that items in view are magnified to three times their normal size, taking away the issue of not being able to see what you are cutting. Individuals with stiffness or arthritis in the hands will easily be able to manipulate the Sure Clip nail clippers. Your nail clippings are neatly contained in the nail clip catch of the Sure Clip, much to the delight of those concerned with keeping things tidy. You can dispose of the clippings in the trash by simply pulling a clip. Utilizing the Sure Clip for your nail trimming needs will insure that everything remains on track. Use the links below to find the best offer on Sure Clip™.
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