YAZ - How to Join a Lawsuit if You Experienced Dangerous Side Effects from these Birth Control Pills

Birth control is an option that has been open to women for a long time, but what if a birth control product was shown to produce side effects that were life threatening such as deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, embolism, and reproductive difficulties, among others? One of the birth control products in the market is Yasmin, a pill more commonly know as YAZ™. Although YAZ is primarily a contraceptive, it has also been prescribed to treat moderate acne and PMDD, a premenstrual disorder. Women who have taken YAZ and experienced severe side effects are encouraged to file a lawsuit against manufacturers, particularly if they failed to adequately warn women of the risks involved in taking their products. This is what happened with YAZ. After the FDA investigated the product, they decided that claims made by the manufacturer were misleading and in violation of FDA regulations. Women who had severe side effects with YAZ may be able to file a YAZ lawsuit. By doing this they will be seeking justice, and will send a clear signal that misleading statements that have consequences to their health are unacceptable. Women will be benefiting not just themselves, but all other women who might be endangered in the same way as well, and dangerous products will have to face a recall. Contact an attorney to learn about your legal rights and assert them for your protection and others, too. Use the links below to find the best offer on YAZ™
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