20 Second Fitness - These Revolutionary Workouts and Exercises Will Keep You Amazingly Fit.

20 Second Fitness™ is a revolutionary scientific high intensity interval training. This intensified program makes your body work like a machine that burns calories quite quickly. By doing these 20 second workouts for four to twelve minutes a day, you will lose all the unwanted pounds in your body. These fantastic workouts were created to tire out your muscles with the least amount of time . This is a workout procedure that Spencer Larsen established by using Dr, Izumi Tabata's style workouts which used the 20 second maximum intensity exercise to train Olympic speed skaters. He combined it with the short but high intensity workouts muscle failure used by such well known body builders like Mike Mentzer. The distinctive difference is that the Twenty Second Fitness is a tremendously complete body workout that can be done in four to twelve minutes. When the interval training is introduced, your body metabolism will tremendously increase and your muscles will get exhausted. When your metabolism increases, you will burn a lot more calories which results in more weight loss and you will look better. The 20 Second Fitness program includes six DVD's with forty workouts, one set of gym quality resistance bands, full size exercise mat, speed rope, food guide and a progress wall calendar. Doing this everyday will help you achieve in making your body look great. Use the links below to find the best offer of 20 Second Fitness™.
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