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4X Made Easy from Blake Morrow and GlobalTec Solutions is a software program for trading currency on the Forex spot market. 4X Made Easy lets you make money by trading 6 currency pairs, namely USD/EUR (Euro), USD/GBP (UK Pound), USD/JPY (Japanese Yen), USD/CHF (Swiss Franc), USD/CAD (Canadian Dollar), USD/AUD (Australian Dollar). Limiting your trading option to these 6 leading currency pairs makes trading the Forex market much easier that trying to monitor the 40,000 listed stock on the stock market. And the 4X Made Easy 6.0 software gives you a simple way for the Forex market to be used. You’ve seen 4X Made Easy system coach Lindsay Hall, the girl in the red shirt, review the simple 4X Made Easy 6.0 software program on the commercial/infomercial: Red and green light arrows indicate when you should buy or sell a Forex currency pair. Forex is the world’s largest financial market and you can make serious money by using leverage and making trades on the volatility and velocity of foreign currencies. You can start off my using a mini-account to trade the Forex so that trade using only money you can affort. 4X Made Easy offers a free 90-minute workshop and seminar so that you can learn more about the software from coaches. So is 4X Made Easy a scam or does 4X Made Easy really work? Read this review from satisfied 4X Made Easy customer Jamie Snyder: “The first 3 week were amazing. I did a little over $14,000 in my first 3 weeks...If the price is going down I can make money. If the price is going up I can make money.”
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