National Grants Introductory Conference - Intro to Government Money, Grants, Loans for Real Estate and Business from Mike Milin and NGC

Mike Milin and his wife Irene Milin present the National Grants Conference (NGC) which is holding a free introductory seminar workshop on money available from the government. Youíve seen the infomercial/commercial with congressman JC Watts and former government employees from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Small Business Administration (SBA) as well as The National Grants Introductory Conference reveals how you can cut through red tape to find grants, subsidies, and loans from local, state, and federal government. A grant is cash that you donít have to pay back. A subsidy is like a grant but the money is given to you on an ongoing basis. And a loan from the government is usually one that you can get with low or no interest. The more than $149 billion available from bureaus, departments, and agencies at all levels can help you purchase your first home, invest in real estate, fix up and remodel your house. HUDís "American Dream Down Payment Program" can give you up to $50,000 to buy your first home. With a loan or grant help from the government you donít even need a down payment to purchase a home. National Grants Introductory Conference (NGC ngcreg) from Mike Milin will also review which agency to contact to get money for your business or to pay for tuition for a college education. So is the National Grants Conference a scam? Review this testimonial from seminar attendee Shelley Budnik: "The coaches from NGC help me through everything...So it was very easy." When you attend the National Grants Conference intro you will also receive 4 home study courses: "Making Money with Government Grants," "Making Money with Government Auctions," "Making Money with Government Foreclosure Contracts," "Making Money with Government Tax Lien Certificates." Seating is limited to attend the Milin National Grants Introductory Conference (NGC ngcreg).
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