AbDoer Twist - The AbDoer Twist Exercise Machine Plus DVDs with Pro John Abdo Gives You An Extreme Workout Experience

The abdomen is always the hardest part of the body to do a good workout on. This is because it is hard to target all the muscles in the abdomen. But now with the Abdoer Twist™, you can do "ABDOBICS" a special routine where every part of the abdomen gets a workout including the midsection, abdominals, obliques, and even the mid to lower back section of your body. You will experience lean muscle mass and your core will tighten to the extreme with this machine. Calories will melt away. Reviews laud that this is all done at the same time. Your results are multiplied in the same workout time because of the Abdoer Twist. Blame it on the twisting action that does all this and more. Your lower body is engaged, and your legs, buns and thighs are sculpted too. All this can be done while you are sitting on the Abdoer Twist equipment at home. As seen on www.abdoer.com and www.abdoertwist.com, this product is easy to assemble and has great contouring arm bars lending comfort to the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and upper back. As you rotate up and down, your shoulders, biceps triceps and upper back and chest are put to work like you were a pro. And there are multiple resistance rods so you can make your workout even tougher. The DVD routines with inventor and award winning fitness expert John Abdo feature workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Use the links below to find the best offer on Abdoer Twist™
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