ASPCA - Stop And Rescue Animals From Abuse and Make Them Loving Pets.

You don't need to be a lawyer or, cop or judge to fight animal cruelty. You can help rescue animals that are abused in an extraordinary way by reporting them to APSCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). There are a lot of dogs that are kept in kennels and owners cannot afford to feed. With the superb help of APSCA Field Investigators these animals can be rescued. APSCA pets are not only rescued but are also given up for adoption to people who can give extraordinary love to these animals. If you see an animal whether it is a dog, cat or horse that is so maltreated by their owners, you can report this to APSCA. The APSCA Special Agents will respond adequately by going to the scene and arrest the person or persons responsible for these terrible acts. For the meantime, APSCA will take care of thes erecued abused animals until they are available for adoption. APSCA veterinarians and behaviorists offer helpful guidelines regarding your dog and catís health and what daily activities they must have. With their over one hundred forty years of unequaled expertise, thereís always something new to learn about your beautiful pooch and kitty. Be a gracious animal lover and help APSC pets lead a more humane life. You Can Stop Animal Cruelty Today When You Support the ASPCA!
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You Can Stop Animal Cruelty Today When You Support the ASPCA!
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