PediPaws - Cordless Nail Trimmer Protects the Dog, Cat, or Pet Foot. Pedi-Paws As Seen On TV.

Do you wish your pet's nails were always trimmed but can't stand the foot pain and agony that traditional nail trimmers put your dog or cat through? Now you can gently trim your pet's nails fast and easy with PediPaws™, the cordless rotary nail trimmer that keeps your pets pain-free and your home and carpet scratch-free. Pedi-Paws, as seen on TV, is a small yet heavy duty rotary nail trimmer that incorporates a revolutionary nail guard so your pets nails are protected from injury. By gently filing the enamel in thin layers and preventing over-trimming, PediPaws makes it so you can't hurt your dog or cat by cutting into the highly-sensitive quick as happens with regular trimmers. Regular nail trimmers also pinch sensitive nerves throughout the nail and break the nail, leaving a rough and jagged edge that scratches home furnishings and - even worse - family members. Not Pedi-Paws - this amazing nail trimmer protects your pets sensitive nails - and your family - at all times. "As a veterinarian it's very important to me that you don't cause pain," says Dr. G. Buchoff. "It is very common to cut too short. PediPaws guides you so you're not likely to cause any pain." Professional groomer Mary G. agrees: "The dog doesn't fight you like it does with the regular nail trimmers. PediPaws is a much better way." Stop hurting your pets and trim their nails gently with PediPaws. Use the links below to find the best deal on PediPaws™.
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