Peticure - Safely and Easily Trim the Nails of Your Dog or Cat. No Pain to the Pet Foot, Unlike a Regular Nail Trimmer.

Are you tired of struggling with your dog or cat to keep its nails trim? Do you feel bad every time you hurt your pet's foot with the nail trimmer? Now, you can get the powerful and safe new tool that's revolutionizing the pet grooming industry - right in your own home - with Peticure™. Peticure, as seen on TV, is the quick, easy, and painless way to keep your pet's nails trim and clean. Unlike the traditional nail trimmer, Peticure uses no painful pressure, force, or cutting edges - instead, it harnesses the power of Mother Nature to gently and evenly file your pet's nails to perfect rounded edges, pain free. It's so easy to use. Simply click it on, insert your pet's nail into the device, and Peticure does the rest. This rotary tool gently files away paper-thin layers so you'll never have to worry about cutting too deep and hurting your animal. Best of all, the clever nail guard guarantees that Peticure will not injure your pet in any way. Your pets' nails have sensitive blood-filled tissue called the 'quick', and it is extremely painful to them when nail trimmers cut into it. Even if you don't cut deep enough to hit the quick, traditional nail trimming can still be painful because the trimmers put pressure on the quick (much like hitting your thumb with a hammer); even worse, trimming cracks and splinters the nail so they're forced to walk around on injured feet. Not with Peticure! "Safety is the primary reason for liking this particular tool," says pet groomer Don Stone. "This will revolutionize how we do nails in the's much safer, and it doesn't excite the animals because when you get the trimmers out, they anticipate what's going to happen." Other benefits include knowing your animal can't scratch you or your children and keeping your furniture and good floors scratch-free. Peticure features a built-in nail stabilizer so your pet won't shake during trimming, and it collects all the file dust for quick and easy disposal. Stop wasting time on the tedious trimming task, and stop wasting money sending your pet to the groomers. Use the links below to find the best deal on Peticure™
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