Lateral Thigh Trainer - Exercise Equipment by Brenda Dygraf. Review This Unique Powerhouse Stepper System.

Lateral Thigh Trainer is the latest exercise equipment by Brenda Dygraf. Brenda Dygraf is the fitness expert who has brought you such equipment as the Powerglide Plus and the Top Ten Trainer. The Lateral Thigh Trainer from Brenda Dygraff is not just another stepper machine. This piece of equipment gives you two workouts in one: 1) Cardio for fat burning and trimmer thighs 2) Toning for muscle strength. Lateral Thigh Trainer system is different from other steppers and trainers because this bi-directional stepper moves not only up and down but also from side to side to work all of your muscles. So is Lateral Thigh Trainer a scam or does Lateral Thigh Trainer really work? Review this fact: Over 1,000,000 people all over the world are exercising with Brenda Dygraff's Lateral Thigh Trainer. If you order from the Official Brenda Dygraf Lateral Thigh Trainer, also comes with these free bonuses for your work out: Powerhouse Workout Video, Brenda Dygraf's Power House Food Plan, the Powerhouse Training Computer, and the Later Thigh Trainer Powerhouse Training Manual.
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