Cat's Meow - The Fun "Mouse" Toy that Prevents Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

Are you tired of seeing your beautiful furniture or brand-new carpet scratched to destruction by your pet cat? The Cat's Meow™ toy for your cat could help solve the scratching problem. It is a simple device that will surely catch your catís attention. The manufacturer claims that the device mimics the movements of a mouse, triggering your catís natural instincts to catch and pounce upon the toy. With its durable, rip stop nylon cover, the manufacturer promises that the Catís Meow will stand up to abuse from your cat and with it, your cat will get a lot of exercise that will surely help maintain its health, and that it is less likely that your cat will scratch on your expensive furniture, and play with the Cat's Meow instead. Use the links below to find the best offer on Cat's Meow™.
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