ChaLean Extreme - Chalene Johnson Shows You How To Get Workout Results Without Having To Go To A Studio

With the ChaLean Extreme® you can burn up to 60% of body fat. This workout by Chalene Johnson has good reviews from satisfied customers. Three simple key words guide this workout,namely, “Muscle Burns Fat”. If a customer has more lean muscle, then the more fat is burned. With true dedication to this program, results will be seen every 30 days. No need to go to a studio. Just buy ChaLean Extreme. Her secret is “lean phasing”. Upon review, she shifts from a cardio workout to resistance training, by lifting heavy weights to get one’s metabolism started and burning fat long after one has finished the workout. Included in the package are 15 workouts that upon review will teach a customer the proper form and technique for the resistance moves that will be performed when one is doing the program. In Phase I there are Burn Circuits 1, 2, and 3. These are moderate workouts with weights. In Phase II you have Push Circuits 1, 2, and 3 where you lift heavy weights beyond your level of comfort to build needed muscle to burn fat. In Phase III you have Lean Circuits 1, 2, and 3, which involve new and dynamic moves that move the workout one level higher. In Phase IV things get extreme with Burn Intervals, Burn it Off! And Recharge. Here you rejuvenate and lengthen your muscles and enhance flexibility. Next is Core Power, an Ab Burner and waist trimmer. Try ChaLean Extreme® for Yourself Risk-Free for 90 Days and Get 4 FREE Gifts!
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Try ChaLean Extreme® for Yourself Risk-Free for 90 Days and Get 4 FREE Gifts!
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