Cross Crunch - Review the CrossCrunch Trainer Machine that Really Works to Exercise the Abdominal Muscles

Traditional floor crunches are a painful way to exercise and put stress on your neck and back. The Cross Crunch™ abdominal exerciser is faster and easier and will get you flat, sexy abs in 90 seconds a day. Floor crunches mainly target the upper abs, but the Cross Crunch joins muscle-sculpting resistance with the special Cross Crunch motion that works your muscles both down and across at the same time, producing a compound dual action scientifically proven to sculpt all of your abs at once. Does Cross Crunch Work? The Cross Crunch has been proven by independent university testing to be 400% more effective than floor crunches. That’s right: 400%! The CrossCrunch is so easy, you won’t need a trainer to use it. Just select the resistance level, sit down, and crunch your way to firm, flat abs. You might think the Cross Cruch requires hundreds of crunches, but with only 12 crunches on each side and as little as 90 seconds, you will get a complete abdominal workout. One satisfied user reviews the Cross Crunch: “What I like is I can do it and watch TV at the same time. And it works a lot quicker than crunches.” What have you got to lose, except that unsightly and embarrassing belly flab? Use the links below to find the best deal on Cross Crunch™.
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