Crunchless Abs - Reviews Of Linda Larue’s DVD Exercise Are All Thumbs UP With Her 12 Muscle Abdominal Workout

Crunchless Abs® is for people who think big, rotund abs are not sexy, but neither do they want to crunch. Exercise expert Linda Larue designed the Crunchless Abs routine workout that applies exercise to the 12 muscles that comprise the abdomen in the upper abs, lower abs, and the obliques. This is even better than those much hated crunches, which only target two muscles, and do not even affect the hard to reach muscles in your deep lower abdomen and left and right side obliques. Upon review, Linda Larue’s Crunchless Abs kit includes A DVD video set of three. As seen on, the first DVD, Crunchless Abs 1, shows how you can workout all of your abs without having to crunch, to get a long lean body instead of a rotund muffin shaped belly. The second DVD, Crunchless Abs 2 is a ten minute workout that you do with a towel, for firm, tight abdominal muscles. The third DVD, Crunchless Abs 3, continues to sculpt your abdomen but notches it up one level higher. So don’t go around with a basketball belly, go Crunchless Abs. Use the links below to find the best deal on Crunchless Abs®.
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