Dog-e-Minder - Keep Track of Your Dog's Last Meal, Last Walk and Last Time of Medication with This Digital Product

Thanks to the Dog-e-Minder™, now it is possible for the busy dog owner to have his own 'pet assistant'. With the Dog-e-Minder you can keep abreast of the last time your dog ate, went for a walk, or took his medications. Its easy. This digital three button device includes a drawing for each task; a fire hydrant for his last walk, a bone for his last meal, and a prescription sign for his medication, so that even a child can operate it. The Dog-e-Minder can also double as a dog ID tag that includes your dog's name and phone number in case he gets lost. Most people are too busy to take time to train themselves to regularly list down their dog's daily activities. It can be bothersome, time consuming and it oftentimes just does not work. With the Dog-e-Minder it is now easier to keep track of its important activities when you are gone. Your child, dog sitter, or dog walker can press the proper button on the DogeMinder and it's done. The Dog-e-Minder is a perfect item for multi-dog homes, family dogs, housebreaking, and as a training aide. It is durable, waterproof and lightweight. This product is available in four colors-blue, red, black and pink; and has a handy backlight for easy visibility. Use the links below to find the best deal on Dog-e-Minder™.
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