Doggy Steps - Four Stairs Help Your Pet Dog or Cat Climb. No Assembly Required

Is arthritis, old age or small size holding your doggie back? Get more companionship from your pet with Telebrands Doggy Steps™, the easy way for your dog or cat to join you on the couch or bed. Doggy Steps are attractive, padded stairs guaranteed to making climbing easier for your pet - without making you bend down every time you want your dog or cat to sit on your lap. Perfect for small breeds, injured dogs and cats, overweight pets or pets with arthritis, Telebrands Doggy Steps are economical, lightweight and portable - and these stairs don't take up as much room as a ramp or cost the price of an expensive conversion kit that requires assembly. As seen on TV and demonstrated in an online infomercial, the competition pales in comparison to Doggy Steps. Just listen to what Christina C. has to say about how Doggy Steps has helped her dog: "The only way he would be able to get on the couch is if we would pick him up. Now he can just join us whenever he wants." Seniors will enjoy Doggy Steps just as much as their pets because they won't have to strain to get their favorite dog or cat up in their laps. Just like the TV commercial offer, if you order right now we'll send you not one, but two Doggy Steps. That's right; this deluxe kit adds an extra set of Telebrands Doggy Steps absolutely free! This way you can have one by the couch or bed and one in the car to take your dog or cat on the road. You've seen Doggie Steps on the TV commercial/infomercial. Use the links below to find the best deal on Doggy Steps™
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