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The Dragon Naturally Speaking is the most well known speech recognition software available in the market now. This speech recognition device allows you to unbelievably control your desk top computer, write documents, emails and you can browse the internet with just the sound of your voice. It will remarkably take you only one third of your usual time to write your articles. This speech recognition software allows you to speak at an incredible rate of one hundred twenty words per minute. With the Dragon Naturally Speaking, it is easy to attain at least ninety nine percent correctness of the words typed in. The wonderful aspect of this speech recognition device, is that when you talk at a faster rate, the accuracy rate becomes better. Reasons Why The Dragon Naturally Speaking Is The Best Of Its Kind: As seen on www.getdragon.com, it is accurate, easy and efficient to use; It is three times faster than what you can type; It does not require you to read the script and it is easy to install; It has voice shortcuts for the web and desktop search. Your computer becomes faster; Voice formatting can be done quickly. Text can be formatted and corrections are made with just one single voice command; It is perfect to use with Microsoft office special natural language commands; It gives you additional productivity by using simple voice commands. Use the links below to find the best deal on Dragon Naturally Speaking.
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