Your Baby Can Read - DVD Learning Kit Will Teach Reading to Your Infant Child!

Give your child a gift they'll use over and over again throughout life - the gift of reading! Don't wait until school starts to stimulate your child's brain - teach your baby to read right away and they'll be communicating at an advanced level and amazing friends, family, and teachers... and gain a valuable head start...with Your Baby Can Read®, the revolutionary learning kit that really teaches your baby to read. As seen on TV in the infomercial, Your Baby Can Read is not a scam. Instead, it takes advantage of the scientifically-proven baby brain synapse development. By the time your children are five years old, their brains are 90% developed - mostly through advanced synapse connections that are created as they learn about the world around them every day. In fact, every second tens of thousands of new synapses form that help your children learn, think, act and react - and read. Your Baby Can Read takes advantage of this small learning window to teach the fundamentals of written language through innovative programming that lets your baby see and hear words, then see the meaning of the word, and finally complete an action related to the word or say the word so that the proper and permanent language associations are made. Your Baby Can Read incorporates interactive text, pictures, songs and word games so that learning is quick, easy, and fun for babies, toddlers and young children alike. "Thanks to Your Baby Can Read, at 19 months Evan is reading over 500 words," says Angie, mother of Evan and happy Your Baby Can Read parent.Give your children the gift of language and an advantage in life - and tons of fun while they're learning - with Your Baby Can Read. Use the links below to find the best offer on Your Baby Can Read®
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