Flex Force - Some Fifty Exercises Can Be Performed In Just One Machine With Flex Force

With Flex Force™ you can do 50 exercises in just one machine. This saves you storage space and expense on having to buy different machines for different purposes. Some workouts with Flex Force include the unilateral bent over row (to strengthen your back); the seated biceps curls (for the brachioradials); the biceps reverse curls for the arms; the seated wrist curl for the wrist flexors; the seated hammer biceps curls (for the brachioradialis); and the seated incline triceps extension (for the triceps), among others. With Flex Force, you feel like you are having your own personal trainer at home. All it takes is just 20 minutes a day, and you will be guaranteed to get amazing results. A Flex Force kit includes the Flex Force system machine, a full personal trainer DVD set, program guides, 30-day training calendars, a daily meal planner, a dining out guide, and a personal journal. The Flex Force program guides make it easy for you to reach your weight goals. It includes a 30-Day Training Calendar, Sleek and Lean Calendar, Rock and Rip Calendar, a Delicious Daily Meal Planner, Shopping and Dining Guide, an Eating Guide, 10 Simple Rules to Lose Weight, and a Progress Journal. Flex Force holds your hand every step of the way to a more lean and beautiful body. Use the links below to find the best offer on Flex Force™.
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