Flip and Grow Rich - Book Reveals Secrets to Making Money Fixing and Flipping Houses. From Armando Montelongo, host of 'Flip this House'

If you've ever wanted to invest in real estate but hesitate due to lack of experience, fears of losing out on a deal, or simply not knowing where to get started - it's time to put those fears to rest and make thousands or millions learning from America's most notorious real estate investor, Armando Montelongo, as seen on www.armandolive.com. Long before he was the creator and host of the hit TV show 'Flip This House,' Armando made millions in the real estate industry. And he's going to show you how to do the same thing in his new book, Flip and Grow Rich™. Within the pages of Flip and Grow Rich, Armando Montelongo details his secrets for acquiring property cheap, fixing it up right, and selling it quick for maximum profit. Most people think the only ways to do this are through foreclosures and tax sales - but Armando shows you 8 different ways to get the right deals. In this easy-to-read, easy-to-understand volume, the real estate mogul-turned-author even shows you how to assess properties and market them when they're ready. "If you and I were going to walk down the street looking at houses togetherů in the first month, we could do $10,000," Armando says. "The fastest deal I ever made was in two and a half hours - I made $10,000 in two and a half hours. That's fast, because I know what I'm doing. Because I put my heart and my soul into this book, it's like I'm with you holding your hand." Flip and Grow Rich demonstrates all of Armando's million-dollar techniques through an all inclusive system - or battle plan - on how to find the right house, follow his 70% rule of profit, and come out a winner in real estate every time. "The game of real estate is a very easy game to play if you know the rules and have a system of doing it right," Armando says. So what are you waiting for? Learn the million-dollar system for earning wealth and riches in real estate from the master himself, Armando Montelongo. Use the links below to find the best deal on Flip and Grow Rich™
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