FreeMotion Strider - This Fitness Machine Lets You Target Your Workout Like No Other Gym Equipment

The FreeMotion™ Strider represents a fitness revolution that'll change the way you think about gym equipment forever - and boosts your athletic performance so you can be faster, stronger, and sexier than ever. No other fitness machine can match the Freemotion Strider. Unlike the imposters, the Freemotion Strider does not restrict your movement so you can stride your way to a stronger, leaner, meaner, more beautiful body in no time. The Freemotion Strider looks similar to an elliptical with two handlebars, two foot pads, and an integrated digital readout - but that's where the similarities end. Instead of being a fixed-path fitness machine like ellipticals, treadmills, and stair climbers, the Freemotion Strider actually puts you in control of where your body goes with an inverted arch design so you can target the areas you want to work on and attain the true zero-degree extension that builds muscle fibers for power moves like sprinting, mountain climbing, swimming, and triathlon competition. It's different, and it's better. Fitness education and Biomechanical expert Jeremy Strohm helped design the amazing Freemotion Strider. He says: "It enables the explosive conditioning and increases what people train's designed for freedom of movement instead of the same motion over and over maximizes joint angles and dynamic mobility... life isn't flat so Freemotion gives you a full range of motion, strength, and speed for running, walking, tennis, golf, and living." Freemotion Strider is also an incredible cardio workout used by professional athletes to enhance performance. "Versus traditional ellipticals and treadmills, I think I'm working more and I would interpret that as burning more calories," says professional football player Jonathan Ordway. Fitness competitor Richelle Valdess says: "I think it's a great workout for a really nice upper body. It keeps my core really tight and it's a great glute workout. I can really feel it tightening when I pull up - I wasn't expecting to feel winded 10 minutes into the workout!" Use the links below to find the best offer of FreeMotion Strider™
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