Garden Groom - Reviews Prove this Easy-to-Use Hedge Trimmer/Cutter Trims Your Hedges Like a Pro

Do you love the look of trimmed hedges, but hate the back-breaking cleanup work that begins only after you've actually trimmed? You need Garden Groom®, the most advanced gardening tool to hit the market in over 25 years. Garden Groom takes a completely revolutionary approach to trimming hedges - no other hedge trimmer even comes close to the pro power cutter technology of Garden Groom! This innovative 3-in-1 system cuts, shreds, and collects your hedge trimmings all at the same time so you get beautiful, professionally-trimmed hedges without the hassle and mess of clean-up duty. With Garden Groom, an oversized 8-inch cutting surface means that making even cuts is a snap - and quick, too, because the concealed cutting head makes 960 cuts per second (and won't cut your own cord!). Simultaneously, the powerful Garden Groomer vacuum system pulls the cuttings to an on-board collection container - when you're done hedge trimming, you have excellent compost; or you can simply unload the container into the closes trash can. As seen on, there's absolutely no bending, bagging, or raking whatsoever. Think of Garden Groom as a mower you can pick up - its space-age polymer casing means the entire unit is ultra-lightweight and easy to handle. You can cut up and down, on top, on the bottom, side to side, and any size bush or hedge with Garden Groom. Just listen to these pro reviews: "The handles make it easy to maneuver so you're not fumbling around with it. You get to more jobs faster and you make more money," raves Jackie Rogers, pro landscaper. Trim your hedges quicker and easier than you ever thought possible, get straight, even cuts every time, and completely eliminate clean-up hassles. Use the links below to find the best offer on Garden Groom®.
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