Worx Trivac - An Electric Leafblower, Outdoor Vacuum and Mulcher that Saves Time and Extra Work on Your Garden

With Worx Trivac™ when you work on your garden, you need not suffer backaches with bending and lifting. This three-in-one electric garden tool is a powerful outdoor vacuum, a heavy duty mulcher, and a leafblower. On review, Worx Trivacís superior blower can blow loose garden leaves into one pile, saving time and trouble from raking. Then with just one switch, the pile is suctioned into the Trivacís powerful hose. Finally, its heavy duty mulcher saves you from having to scoop up leaves and place them into trash bags and dragging them to the curb. The Worx Trivacís mulcher eliminates all of that. The Worx Trivac is easy to operate, too. Simply blow the leaves together, lift the switch to suck them up, (no changing tubes or reconfiguring hoses like other machines), and with another simple switch mulch the leaves down to just 1/10th of their original size. What used to require 10 garbage bags will now fit into just one. Even better, Worx Trivacís collector bag holds up to 10 gallons of mulched leaves. You can vacuum nearly 100 gallons of leaves before emptying the bag, and the mulch can be used for a compost pile. Save yourself time and work, and save the earth too with Worx Trivac. Use the links below to find the best offer of Worx Trivac™.
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