Gold's Gym Abs - A Workout Fitness Program With Equipment To Target The Abs, Thighs And Overall Body

With Gold's Gym Abs™ you have an advanced body system that gives you six pack abs, or the sculpted, sexy body of your dreams with just a 30-minute workout daily. The secret behind its success lies in its kinetic response. The Gold Gym Abs advanced body system works on the abdomen's core muscles, targeting the upper abs, lower abs and the obliques. Even your legs get a good workout, too. The Gold Gym Abs body system tones your thighs, hamstring muscles and glutes. Overall, you look better and feel better because of this healthy and safe exercise regimen that also protects your back from harm. The Gold's Gym Abs package includes three workout DVDs, a 65 cm exercise ball, an adjustable resistance blade of up to 45 pounds and a healthy eating guide. The three workout DVDs target the abs core, thighs, and entire body. With the 65 cm exercise ball you can target and isolate your abdomen muscles, at the same time protect your back. Plus, with the adjustable resistance blade you can exert more force when you bend, and in this way increase resistance and build lean muscle while burning the fat. With the DVDs and the equipment you are on your way to a fun and fast fitness program, the Gold Gym Abs way. Use the links below to find the best offer on Gold's Gym Abs™.
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