JumpSnap - Ropeless Jump Rope Works for Effective Weight Loss

Want to get in shape and lose weight fast having as much fun as you used to as a kid? Try JumpSnap®, the world's first ropeless jump rope! This amazing and revolutionary device gives you all the positives of a heavy-duty fat-busting cardio workout with none of the difficulty involved in tirelessly hurdling a real rope. Jumping rope is proven to be a highly-effective fat-burning vehicle, heralded by fitness experts and pro athletes alike. The reason more of us don't do it is because it can be difficult to master - we spend more time tripping over the rope than getting a workout. But not with the cordless Jump Snap! Simply enter your height and weight into the high-tech handles and begin swinging them like a jump rope. JumpSnap will talk to you and give you a workout customized to your weight loss goals - you can record calories burned, number of jumps, time spent jumping and even set alarms for when you reach any of those milestones. JumpSnap even simulates the snap of a rope against the floor for a completely natural feel! Studies prove that Jump Snap burns 300% more calories than running on a treadmill and 200% more calories than riding an elliptical or stationary bike. This means you burn more calories, burn more fat and lose more weight in less time! "After 25 years of working with patients it became obvious that they had weaknesses related to a weak core," says Power Pilates founder Dr. Howard Sichel. "We used Pilates to strengthen that and we now also use JumpSnap as a cardio - this combination helps patients lose weight and inches." Read this review of JumpSnap from user Arlene McClanahan: "In a few short weeks I lost 3 dress sizes and 32 pounds. I never thought I could do that and it was easy and fun." Try JumpSnap now and you get the high-tech handles, 3 adjustable weights for each handle so you can adjust JumpSnap to your personal fitness level, a mesh travel bag so you can workout anywhere, and the 8-minute Beginner and 12-minute Intermediate JumpSnap workout videos. You'll also get a special bonus Jam Session DVD packed with 16 short minutes of fat-fighting fitness fun. Try the Complete JumpSnap® TV Offer and Get FREE Shipping and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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Try the Complete JumpSnap® TV Offer and Get FREE Shipping and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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