LandRider - Bicycle with Autoshift Makes Riding Easier than Any Manual Bike. Reviews and Opinions from Owners Confirm How Fun Land Rider Is.

Remember how much fun riding your bike used to be? Cruising the neighborhood, wind in your hair, playing games with your friends - bicycle riding was a blast. Now you can get that invigorating, youthful joy back with LandRider™, the world's first bicycle built for adult ease and comfort. Let's face it: Most bikes stretch you out, hurt your back and rear and even make you strain over the handle bar. Chances are, that's why the last bike you bought is hanging in the garage. Developed over several years, Land Rider is engineered to change all that with an upright, ergonomical design that increases comfort and visibility. The ultimate adult fun bike also features a spring-loaded comfort seat to keep your rear end pain-free. And Land Rider the only bike in the world with autoshift - no more manual shifting so you just jump on and ride. Opinions and reviews agree: LandRider's owners love to hop on and cruise through the neighborhood, across town, to the park and through campgrounds. They say there's just something about being on a bike that makes you feel young again - and it's even better when you're comfortable too. As seen on tv, magazines, and roads and trails all over the nation, LandRider is the easiest and most comfortable bike ride you'll ever take. Feel young again and get a breath of fresh air with LandRider. Try an Official LandRider™ Bike with a Risk-Free 30 Day Test Drive from this Special TV Offer.
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Try an Official LandRider™ Bike with a Risk-Free 30 Day Test Drive from this Special TV Offer
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