OrbiTrek Elite - Review this Elliptical Exercise Machine from Thane that Really Works to Get You Fit

Look sexy, slim and sculpted fast with the Thane OrbiTrek™ Elite, the multiple-action elliptical exercise machine that puts the fit in fitness. The OrbiTrek Elite is the ultimate trainer for sculpting a lean body through calorie burn and muscle build. It targets all of your troublesome parts and is twice as effective as traditional exercise equipment because it works so many muscle groups at once. In fact, a University EMG study confirmed that the Thane OrbiTrek Elite works 6 muscle groups at once - buns, thighs, arms, shoulders, back and chest! Define your body and burn calories all at once - up to 820 calories an hour. The elliptical OribTrek Elite is a no-impact trainer so there's no pain - in fact, it's so fun and easy many exercisers say it feels like they're floating on air. Even better, the OrbiTrek Elite, as seen on orbitrekelite.com, puts you in control with its Turn 'N Burn resistance and weighted flywheel technology. Just turn the dial to adjust the resistance to fit your workout! Does OrbiTrek really work? Just review what 7-time gold medal winner and Olympic legend Mark Spitz has to say: "I know that when I'm on the OrbiTrek Elite, I'm burning calories and building muscles at the same time." The OrbiTrek is so effective, you can lose a dress size in just 12 days! Use the links below to find the best deal on OrbiTrek Elite.
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