Pet Zoom Loungee - Innovative Pet Seat Cover Protects Car Upholstery from the Hair of Shedding Dogs

If you have doggy concerns when bringing your dog around with you for a ride, then you need the Pet Zoom™ Loungee. This is an intelligently created pet seat cover made so that your car will not turn into a calamity area full of dog hair and muddy paws. This is a superb pet seat cover because it keeps your car safe from unnecessary dirt and the loose scales coming from your dogs or other pets. With Pet Zoom Loungee you can be guaranteed that you will not have stained upholstery nor will you have seats that have awful smell. As seen on, this pet seat cover will keep your car clean no matter what your dog does. It's the ideal seat cover for owners who have dogs that constantly travel with them. It's also very useful if you are bringing your dogs to the vet. This pet seat cover is made of sturdy plus heavy capacity materials. Its water proof backing ensures you that even the worst things that your dogs can do won't leak through it. This pet seat cover can be installed in a matter of seconds only. It's so convenient and your dogs will feel so cuddly staying on it. You won't hear the disturbing howls of your dogs. It's the perfect pet seat cover for all types of cars. Try the Pet Zoom™ Loungee for Yourself for Only $19.95 and Get PetZoom Pet Barrier as a FREE Bonus from
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Try the Pet Zoom™ Loungee for Yourself for Only $19.95 and Get PetZoom Pet Barrier as a FREE Bonus!
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