Pet-Zzz-Pad - A heated pet bed for one’s beloved dog or cat

The Pet-Zzz-Pad™ is a heated pet bed that your animal will love during the cold winter nights. This is an AKC and CFA branded bed with a special warmer for dogs and cats. The heat on the Pet-Zzz-Pad activates just as soon as your pet steps on their bed. It also automatically shuts off. Your pet cat or dog will feel snug and comfy in this bed that molds to their form. With Pet-Zzz-Pad your pet will be kept off of the bed and furniture. It is perfect for any sized dog, cats, puppies or kittens. Now your pet can have the warmth they seek when the weather is very cold with Pet-Zzz-Pad. Pet-Zzz-Pad’s cord is covered with a steel casing so that one’s pet cannot chew at it relentlessly. This product is also water resistant and wipes clean easily. It fits almost any bed with a radiating warmth. Even better, the cover is machine washable and can be dried too. And don’t worry about your pet getting overheated—this product only heats up to the perfect temperature of 102 degrees that is recommended by vets. The Pet-Zzz-Pad is available in three sizes, namely regular 12 inches for pets under 10 pounds, large 16 inches for pets weighing 10-25 pounds, and jumbo 20 inches for pets above 25 pounds. Use the links below to find the best offer on Pet-Zzz-Pad™.
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