Pup Light - Keep Your Dog Safe from Car Accidents at Night with this Safety Flashlight

Keep your dog safe after dark with Pup Light™, the revolutionary new canine safety system that lets you walk or jog with your dog at any time and remain visible to cars and drivers with a brilliant shine. It's a flashlight for your dog! Cars are the #1 cause of canine injuries, and when you walk or jog with your pet after dark you increase the danger that your dog could be hit by a car exponentially. But PupLight keeps your dog safe by illuminating your path and pinning a beacon to your dog drivers can see you and your dog, and older dogs can see where they're going. Pup Light fits all dogs over 5 pounds and is safe, lightweight, bright, long lasting, durable, and water-resistant. In short, Pup Light lets you and your dog enjoy many, many hours of long walks or jogs without having to worry if drivers see you. PupLight is easy to use, too simply slide Pup Light over your dog's head or snap the adjustable buckle behind your dog's head, turn it on and off you go! Pup Light is even endorsed by the prestigious American Canine Association and comes in 4 colors to match your pup's personality blue, red, black and gray. Forget your cumbersome handheld flashlight stop taking chances and give man's best friend the gift of safety and security. Use the links below to find the best offer on Pup Light™.
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