Push Up Pro - Review this Easy PushUp Bar that Works for Upper Body Strength. Equipment by Jack Zatorski.

Get serious about toning your upper body with Push Up Pro™, the hardcore yet simple workout that raises the bar in the exercise equipment industry. Created by 2003 World Push Up Record holder Jack Zatorski to take upper body workouts to the next level, Push Up Pro is the quickest way to get the rock-solid upper body you've always wanted - with guaranteed results in just 10 days. Push Up Pro works so well because it takes advantage of your natural body motion to target your shoulders, upper back, chest, arms and abs - all the perfect muscles for a sculpted upper body. Normal pushups put undue pain and strain on your wrists, and throw off your body's natural motion so you waste a lot of effort just trying to keep your balance. But with PushUp Pro, you simply grab the handles and begin your push up - the handles rotate with your natural movements to give you a quick, easy and pain-free workout that targets two chest movements for more powerful muscle contractions. Does Push Up Pro really work? World Champion Jack Zatorski wouldn't use it if it didn't. Review this testimonial opinion from customer Kevin Szeredy: "I didn't feel any pain in my wrists at all...It felt like a very natural movement from the top position lowering myself to the floor." Realtor Melinda Lee proves that Push Up Pro is for all ages, from 8 to 80: "It's great to be in your 50s and find something so simple. I can do it right up against the wall; it's so easy and convenient. It's perfect." That's right, beginners can use PushUpPro against the wall for a light but effective workout. Intermediate and Advanced users move Push Up Pro to the floor, while Expert users can elevate their feet for an intense power workout. You'll also get the Jack Zatorski Ultimate Upper Body Workout Training Guide - absolutely free! Start looking bold, confident and sexy at the gym, at the beach, on the go and around the house. Does the Push Up Pro Work? Find out for yourself: Use the links below to find the best offer of Push Up Pro™.
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