Richard Simmons Project HOPE - Best Way to Achieve Weight Loss Using a DVD Workout Exercise Video Program

Richard Simmons Project Hope is the most innovative way for anyone to have a healthy body. This is done by special weight loss measures, diet and exercise routines. It also uses the fantastic Food Mover, a specially created hand held digital device that gives the opportunity to achieve weight loss. By using this incredible device, you will be able to find out the number of portions you need to stay on track. Using this will surely improve your health. The DVD video workout is divided into phases that will ensure weight loss: During the first month: Cardio 1- You will have to do some dance move so that you can burn calories; Toning 1 Doing easy upper body movements and use of light weights to tone muscles; Challenge Balancing A fat melting workout that is ideal for your posture and balance. During the second month: Cardio 2 - The dance steps tend to be more difficult; Toning 2 You burn more calories as you do the sculpting process; Challenge ABS - Your core muscle will work in every direction. In the third month: Cardio 3 Music has faster beats and you will be dancing more; Toning 3 You will make longer moves to stretch your muscles; Challenge Endurance - Your staying power will be absolutely challenged. Use the links below to find the best offer on Richard Simmons Project Hope.
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