RotoShave - This Emjoi Battery-Operated Razor Has the Power of an Electric Razor with Better Quality Shaves

RotoShave™ by Emjoi believes that quality comes in the details, and a good, close clean shave ensures that the roots of one's chin will never be seen. For this reason, RotoShave is very careful in ensuring that you get the closest, cleanest and fastest shave possible. They give you a safe shave, too. It's amazing. Imagine a good wet shave of quality being done with the power-but not the use-of an electric shaver. That is RotoShave, a battery operated razor with a unique multi-angled cartridge design that comes with nine of the sharpest blades for the perfect shave and with no fear of cuts and nicks. This is because of its special, curved head design that keeps your shave safe. The curved head aligns with the contours of your face. This high speed motor is patented, and you will get a cleaner, faster shave in just 90 seconds. The entire kit includes a RotoShave electric razor, two cartridges each with nine blades, a travel case, a personal grooming kit and a demonstration DVD. Reviews from users have said that with RotoShave, they have gotten the best shave they have ever had. The RotoShave Pro is a cordless shaver with rechargeable batteries, and it has two speeds. Both the RotoShave and the RotoShave Pro are available by TV offer and at its website. Use the links below to find the best offer of RotoShave™.
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